Tuesday, July 9, 2013

red, white & the blues

Not only do I love the 4th of July for obvious reasons - time off from work, soaking up the sun, delicious food, fun drinks, but it is also my birthday! I knew I wanted this one to be low key because we are headed off to Cancun in a week. 

A bunch of friends & I headed to the Delaware River, plopped ourselves on rafts and floated on down. It was awesome. So relaxing and the weather was great. May need to make this a new tradition!

Birthdays are a great reminder of how lucky you are. I never ever forget this but it's awesome to be bombarded by it all in one day. Evelyn was on my mind all weekend. She would've looked so cute dolled up in red, white, & blue stealing all my birthday thunder. I wouldn't have cared one bit though. I was surrounded by good people all weekend so that these thoughts wouldn't get the best of me. I count my lucky stars for the people I have around me! Who knows where I would be without them...

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