Friday, July 26, 2013


Another notch on the concert belt - Beyonce! 

If you don't have a girl crush on Beyonce, then you probably hate her. It's understandable because she comes off as a rich b-word. She lives a very private life, is best friends with the President, has one of the greatest rappers alive as her husband, and just gave birth to a little girl. Soooo..she basically has the perfect life. or does she? If you watched her documentary, we learned she suffered from a miscarriage before Blue Ivy. She went from having a healthy pregnancy one week to hearing one of the most devastating things a parent could hear - "we can't find a heartbeat."

She called it the hardest thing she has ever been through. Her pregnancy with her rainbow baby, Blue Ivy, was kept a secret for a very long time because of her loss. She played clips last night of her and Blue on vacation - she genuinely looked SO happy. I am excited to be in that place one day. 

In her documentary, she mentioned that after her miscarriage she wrote the saddest song she has ever written, Heartbeat. Ugh she 's not lying - so sad but so honest.

This love just wasn't enough for us to survive
I swear, I swear, I swear I tried
You took the life right out of me
I'm so unlucky I can't breath
You took the life right out of me
I'm longing for your heartbeat
Heartbeat, heartbeat

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  1. I didn't know that...hope you enjoyed the concert xx