Tuesday, July 9, 2013

staying positive (or at least trying to)

Trying to stay positive is a full-time job when dealing with grief. It's tough to not think that you have the worst luck in the world and that bad things will just continue to happen. It's hard not to be cynical. We've just been through a devastating loss and you want me to look at the glass half full? C'mon. 

I do try though. I really do. I recognize that I have learned a lot about myself, family, friends, pregnancy, stillbirth, grief, and death. I have also noticed myself worrying less about the little things that use to send me into a tizzy. Even before my loss, this was one of my favorite quotes and I still try to live by it.

There are two awesome blogs I came across recently that I check weekly to help me not spiral into a Negative Nancy. 

This blog rocks. I found it because I was obsessed with the quotes and style she would post on Instagram (happilyeverafternow) and then I noticed she had a blog in her profile. Clicking it was the best idea ever! She posts the best advice whether you are grieving or you are just trying to stay positive in general. She has an adorable pup and an amazing outlook on life. 

Henrik Edberg writes very practical articles on simplifying life and improving your happiness. Very short, sweet, and to the point posts about relaxation, self-esteem, and overall positivity!

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