Tuesday, June 4, 2013

.taking back control

When you have no control of a situation, you start to wonder "what the heck is the point?!" At least I did. Sometimes I still feel that way. I planned for so long for Evelyn's arrival. Then, something came along and said, "Nope, not right now." Honestly, that pissed me off! But we have three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you got.

Ha! Easier said than done though. Especially when crying on the couch, drinking red wine, watching Real Housewives, asking yourself "whyyyyy?" is all you want to do. So I decided to set goals. 

My first goal is to deal with my weight. I only gained about 15 pounds from pregnancy but that is just enough to make clothes feel uncomfortable, to hate taking pictures, and to avoid bathing suits this summer. A lot of women have the luxury of using the baby weight excuse until they finally have the energy to get up & start being active again. I guess I could use that excuse too but it would be a tad awkward if there were follow-up questions during that conversation. Yikes! It's time to get back to my pre-preggo weight. It's time to take control back. 

My mom and sister introduced me to a cool little gadget called UP by Jawbone. UP by Jawbone is a bracelet that counts your steps, monitors your sleep, and allows you to track your meals to help count your calorie intake. You plug it into your iPhone and in less than 10 seconds your information is uploaded and ready for an analysis. Their motto is "Know yourself. Live better". I will, Jawbone. I will! Hehe.

I needed a date to do this by so I won't fall off track. Cheesesteaks and hoagies scream your name as you wander this city! There's a wedding that Chris and I are going to on July 17th in Cancun, Mexico. I bought a dress that I originally was going to wear to my best friend's rehearsal dinner but it wouldn't zip up. Instead of returning it, it is now my part of my goal. Hopefully on July 17th I can post a pic wearing this dress...

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