Sunday, June 9, 2013

.operation: heal our hearts

This summer is officially Operation: Heal our Broken Hearts. Our goal is to have the most fun and to continue living our lives. This is in no way to try to forget our loss, it is more to remind ourselves of who we are and why we fell in love. We are different now, there's no doubt about that. My priorities have certainly changed but life needs to go on. It's so easy to get stuck in the sadness and forget about the greatness that surrounds us - the great people, the great places. 

A quick, simple, and relatively cheap way to guarantee fun is to buy concert tickets! Last night we saw Of Monsters and Men; the first of many concerts this summer. It was at one of my favorite venues in the city, Festival Pier at Penns Landing, which is right on the water! Only a cab ride away but felt like we left the city for a few hours.

Music plays a huge role in our relationship. Chris and I used to spend hours talking about our favorite songs and playing them for each other. 

Music has also helped get me through many different situations whether it was a broken heart, falling in love, or feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I am not very articulate so sometimes when people ask "what's wrong?" or "how are you doing?" I just want to hand them a playlist and I think they would understand that better than I could ever explain.

There is also something very comforting about hearing someone else sing their heart out about a similar situation you are going through. You suddenly don't feel alone. So if I get the opportunity to see that person live, I am there! I don't want to call it an escape, but it is definitely a 3 hour mini vacation from reality. At the end of Of Monsters and Men they dumped confetti out on all of us - it was awesome! Who doesn't like when it snows confetti on a summer night!?

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  1. Your loss was heartbreaking; but instead of dwelling on the sorrow, you’re making a conscious effort to move forward. It’s great to see that you’re making a great progress on that matter. Doing the things you love together is great step to begin this journey towards healing. Always remind yourself of those “greatness” that surround you that makes life worth living.

    Brandi Kennedy @ Restoration Counseling