Thursday, June 6, 2013

.breaking the silence...finally!

While searching the internet for other women's stories about their loss, I came across a film that has yet to debut but will soon premiere at indie film festivals. It's called Return to Zero.  The caption alone caught my eye, "Three minus one equals zero". TRUTH BOMB! 

The director explains this movie as the journey of a successful couple that finds out their son has died in the mother's womb a few weeks before their due date.  I watched a handful of trailers for it because I was so pumped about it and learned that it's actually a reflection of the director's life.

The couple, who is played by Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein, attempt to go on with their lives but cannot avoid their postpartum grief and the vicious cycles of denial, escape, and alcohol. In a last attempt to save their marriage, they take a trip to Vegas and end up pregnant again. Their journey continues as they comfort one another during a terrifying second pregnancy

No one tells you that this can happen. No one. Unless someone around you has gone through this - there is no warning, no heads up, no "Oh hey, by the way - ONE IN FOUR pregnancies end in a loss so watch out!" This movie is breaking the silence. 

It's not meant to scare pregnant women. I think it is meant to bring the sad brother and sisterhood of grieving parents together and to help us not feel so alone. I love that it also touches on the fear of another pregnancy and how scary it will be for all of us to wonder if our child will survive this time around. Will we deliver a living, breathing child?


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