Wednesday, September 18, 2013

be kind.

I haven't been wanting to write lately. I've been lost in my surroundings the last few weeks. Work at my full-time job has picked up a lot and I have been working at Anthropologie at night more frequently. I have watched best friends suffer from relationship heartbreak, sudden death of a parent, and job loss. Throw in some terribly embarrassing and uncomfortable public "I miss my baby" moments at work and that has been my September so far. Feeling helpless while watching close friends suffer on top of trying to take control of your own pain is like &*@!^&%^*@$%!^#$%*@!*(*) 
<< insert head spinning>>

I will refrain from all the cliches that people say to those who are in the middle of their sadness but let's just say I am suddenly feeling more grateful than ever for my relationship, my family, & my job. 

Such a good reminder of one of my many favorite quotes about never knowing what others have been through.

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