Sunday, October 26, 2014

she is everywhere

I swear, I see Evelyn's name EVERYWHERE. One of my favorite stores, Lucky Brand, carries an Evelyn tank top. I bought it every color they had. There is also children's bedding at Pottery Barn named Evelyn. It's purple! One of my favorites. She would have definitely been sleeping in that. Recently, I bought a robe from Ugg also named Evelyn. 

Tonight I was organizing her room which I currently use as a big closet and much needed storage space! I came across this sticker on something I bought and am saving for when we buy a permanent heart melted.

These reminders don't make me sad. In fact they make me so so so so happy. I may not be religious but I whole heartedly believe she watches over me and Chris. This is her way of saying "heeeeey mom & dad!" 

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