Monday, February 24, 2014

hello, 2014

so much has happened already in 2014 and it is only February. 

I got married - yay!

Chris got a new nursing job he loves.

He also got accepted into Drexel University to complete his BSN. Wohoo!

Some really positive things have happened thus far. and I am BEYOND grateful for every single one of them.

There is, however, one thing I am not looking forward to - the one year anniversary of the birth of our Evelyn. 

How the HECK has it been a year already? 

I assume this time of the year will constantly be bittersweet for us. After an annual celebration of our marriage will come the reminder of our loss. 

Can I just say she was DEFINITELY looking out for us. Our region was bombarded by snow the entire month of January and February...except for the weekend of Feb 7th. Thanks, Evie!! 


  1. She was one reason I couldn't make a speech at the wedding. She was on my mind the entire day and wanted to mention her but didn't know how. Always with us baby girl!

  2. she is always watching over <3