Monday, February 24, 2014

held your whole life

Held Your Whole Life supports families whose babies never took a breath on this earth. They want to acknowledge the lives of the children who are lost before they were born. They have made over 1,000 personalized hand stamped necklaces and shipped them world-wide. 

A friend had told me about this and I immediately signed up. They warn you that it could take months to get you your necklace and they could not give you a date but assured it would come. 

Low & behold on February 6th, the very night before our wedding - a package arrives. In it was a necklace with Evelyn's name on it with a little charm with footprints on it. Chris & I immediately broke down. I was just going to keep the necklace as a keepsake and place it in her memory box. But what does Chris do? Puts it on instantly. He wore it on our wedding and hasn't taken it off since. 

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